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Pictures from Butterflies

Blue Pansy (Male)

Malayan Lacewing

Rajah Brookes Birdwing

Lesser Cruiser

Common Grass Yellow

Common Bluebottle

Straight Line-Map Wing

Malayan Zebra

Several kind of Butterflies

Five Bar Swordtail

Malayan Lacewing

Common Earl

Great Egg-Fly

Banded Peacock


Ashy White Tree Nymph

Malayan Viscount


Papilio Helenus

Common Mormon

Common Mormon

Peacock Pansy

Blue Pansy (Female)


Common Five Ring

Orange Gull

Elbowed Pierrot

Great Siam Sergeant


Straight Line-Map Wings


Common Mormon

Banded Swallowtail

Malayan Crow

Brown Banded Ringlet

Green Dragontail

Autumn Leaf

Jeweled Nawab

Common Imperial

Lesser Harlequin

This gallery shows photographs from 40 different kind of butterflies, which lives in the Leuser National Park.
It includes butterfly species like Mormon, Pansy, Imperial, Lacewing, Swordtail, Dragontail, Line-Map Wing, Swallowtail, Archduke, Lesser Harlequin, Jeweled Nawab, Ringlet, Bluebottle, Commander, Orange Gull, Clipper, Siam Sergeant, Elbowed Pierrot, Gras Yellow, Viscount, Colonel adn more..
Most of the butterfly photographs are kindly provided from the German jungle lover Andrä Scholz who have visited Ketambe for few month in 2015 and 2017. Some photos were taken from the German Uwe Richter.

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©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2023
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2023
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2023
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2023
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