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5 and 6 Days Jungle Trek

Flying Lemur

5 Days / 4 Nights Trekking Tour
The 5 days jungle trek is ambitious, paths are steep in parts, trails can be overgrown and rivers have to be crossed few times. While there is more food and stuff to carry, one guide and two porters have to go with you (if 2 or more guests go). That's why the price per day per person is higher than for treks with 2, 3 or 4 days length.
To arrange a 5 days trek different routes can be taken into account. The route which is suitable for you should be discussed and fixed together with the guide before you go. All routes start and end in Ketambe and include searching for and observe orang-utans and other animals as well as trekking through difficult terrain.
All campsites, except C7, could be included in a 5 days trek. The campsite C4 can not be reached during the rainy season, because there is a very deep descent which can be dangerous when slippery. One possible route during the dry and the rainy season would be K-C1-HS-C6-C5-C3-C2-K, please compare with the map provided beside/below. Only people with good physical conditions should go on a 5 days trek. It is not suitable for children.

Simple Trekking Map

6 Days / 5 Nights Trekking into Ketambe Jungle
To go 6 days on a trek from Ketambe takes you very deep into the jungle. It is ambitious with a chance to see animals, which you usually don't see on shorter treks. You won't be able to see Sumatran Tigers, but if you lucky the smaller Golden Cat, Slow Loris, Giant Squirrels, Civet Cat, porcupines, different species of deer, flying lemur and even footprints of elephants can be seen. Orang-utans and monkeys will be spotted as well. If 2 or more people go, one guide and two porters are obligatory. The route has to be discussed and agreed with the guide before the start. You can go as far as campsite C7. A 6 days trek would be K-C1-(HS)-C5-C7-C5-C6-K. In the dry season its possible to walk a route via C2 and C4. This trek is only suitable for people in good condition and is not possible for children.

Giant Squirrel and Binturong

6 Days / 5 Nights Trekking to Lake Marpunga
This 6 days trek gets more and more requests, even its more expensive than treks into Ketambe jungle. It goes to the jungle lake Marpunga. 1 guide and 2 porters are obligatory. You can start walking direct from Ketambe or you drive 45 minutes north before start walking near the village Marpunga. If you start in Ketambe the distance is longer and it goes the complete way through the rain forest. If you start in Marpunga village you will go through plantations the first half and the last half day. To start at the village Marpunga and walk back direct to Ketambe is possible. Independent from the route chosen, you will stay the 3rd night at the lake. Especially in the dry season many different kind of animals will come to the lake to drink. Elephant footprints were seen beside the lake. Swimming in the lake is possible.

Views of Lake Marpunga

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©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
©  Friendship Guesthouse and Restaurant Ketambe 2007 - 2024
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